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Great Glen Way - Gairlochy - Monday

Monday 16th

Rose at 8am and left Gairlochy at 8.30am. Walked down to the canal and 200yds along when I realised I didn't have my stick. I thought I didn't want to go back for it, so I had the intention of phoning the Andersons so they could leave it in Fort William next time they came in – then I thought, what a ninny, you are supposed to be on holiday. Go back and stay there then pick it up yourself.

I needed to phone them to let them know and would find their number.

Finally arrived at Moy Bridge. I sat down at a bench and watched the bridge being opened.

Walked on and Bonnie dived into the office. It was Toni who we met on our boat trip. She had given Bonnie a treat. She was saying to me I know this dog from somewhere. She looked at me and asked, “Who are you?” then, “Oh it's you!”

She asked if I would like a coffee, another lad came in and he was offered too. We sat chatting until 1pm.

On the way between Moy Bridge Banavie there was an aqueduct (photo?) with three arches over the river Spean, which travelled under the canal.

I saw a shepherd on a quad bike chasing the sheep through the aqueduct (but not knowing it was an aqueduct). A sign board further on mentioned that it was 25 feet across, the largest on the canal. Another south/north oriented sign.

I went down to look and there was a walkway both sides of the centre span. I walked through the left side but the other end was under water. As I came out there was an engine sound. I looked back and saw headlights. I thought it was the quad bike. Instead a jeep came roaring out with inches to spare sides and top.

Arrived at Banavie after a series of final bends. Met James the lock keeper at his hut, prepared to make coffee, but a succession of boats arrived wanting to go to the sea lock. He sighed and said, “Sorry I have to work now.”

I walked down with Bonnie watching then went to look for a camp site I had seen earlier in May. I could not find it so went back to the canal. I bought an ice cream and mars at a small shop by the canal – shared the icecream with Bonnie then walked back to the lock keeper shed. Phoned Mum. I asked if I could leave my phone to get charged, but the lock keeper didn't want me to saying, “If anything happened...”

I said I would go and find a camp site and said good day. I said I would come back.

I walked down to Chamagael and booked into the site for the night.



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