Great Glen Way - Additional Information

Additional Information

Inverness 9 June 2008

Met in Inverness, Tony and his parents Mick and Sue Jones from Essex.

Tony and his parents are on holiday from Essex, staying in a chalet. They were pleased with the layout of the chalet as Tony is unable to walk. He talks through a text/voice translator and uses it to chat up all the girls. When you listen to what he says you would be amazed he is still alive.

He needs a better wheelchair, which he can operate alone. This would cost £10,000 – so he is doing sponsorship to raise enough for it.


That says it all!

Also in Inverness, at the Bught Park Caravan Site, I met Sasha. She is from Manchester and is walking from Lands End to John 'O' Groats.

She has been walking up to 20 miles per day for two and a half months, and she still can't put up her tent properly. She has managed all this on only junk food. She has about 120 miles still to go.