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Wales 2010

When Bonnie and I go to Wales next week (Tuesday 20th April 2010), I am posting photos wherever I am to my blogs. I am going to take as many photos of Bonnie enjoying herself.

To see all the blogs pick one below:


Just about all pieces of equipment ready in front room for Tuesday. My total kit allows me to go off into the hills and disappear for a week. I am using 07XXX XXXXXX for my email, texts and mobile so I can keep in touch until I get back. My phone will be on all the time as I am using a solar charger.

I think you will like the blogs.


Thank you, John.



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We will have some more adventurous trips here. For example, we will be attempting a trip to Canada in the near future.

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Once you have your inoculations and visas (both your dog and you), you can book a trip to Europe or beyond. Find in our Silver trips pages a prompt to be more adventurous.

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If you're having problems due to passport/visa, these activities will be right up your street. When we complete a trip we are posting our itinerary in the relevant category. Any up-to-date revelations or news are posted first in the Bonnies Blog section. We are uploading photos and comments live on each trip.

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