Great Glen Way - Clunes - Sunday

Sunday 15th

Rose at 7am. Started walking at 8am. Very nice walk to Clunes. Took photo of Ben Nevis (pic). On arriving at Clunes I thought I would camp at Loch Arkaig. On the way there was a sign board advertising Eis Chia-Aig waterfalls. It was the location of the dramatic escape by Liam Neeson from the Red Coats in the film Robb Roy.

The picture does not advertise the sequence in the film chronologically, as the pool is above the bridge not below it. Good use of editing to provide the 'flow.'

Walked up to Loch Arkaig but the site was fenced off (landowners)??!*

Walked back to Clunes (fast) and then took the road to Gairlochy. No path at this point, just tarmac road. The going was hard on the foot (or rather the right heel). When there was a track I took it. I spoke to a lady at Bunarkaig House – who said there was tree cutting but the work has been finished for a week. There was evidence of tree felling but the path was intact. Some other walkers were on it too.

Arrived at Gairlochy. On the lock keeper's garage wall there were plaques showing the Caledonian Canal was the longest canal in Britain for consecutive years. I asked the lock keeper if it was a close race, he laughed. “After a few years they gave that one up because we kept winning. The others didn't have a chance.”

Walked up to Gairlochy camp site. It is owned by Jackson Anderson, brother of my old landlord. Spent a few minutes talking about the old times when I shared half of Macomir Farm with Graham Boyle. He couldn't remember my face but he did remember my name.

Jackson showed me a good place to put the tent, which is popular with others.