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That's enough

'That's enough'

Dogs love attention and they will take it from any person or dog in sight.   This is why we want to keep our dog's attention to make sure the dog understands this command it is necessary to use it when there is no risk.   You need to start by using the dog's name as well, to strengthen the command.

It may be used if your dog barks.   If the dog does not respond you must continue – but louder and with a hard tone.  

Listen:  Bonnie, that's enough.

When your dog responds you must reward it with a rub and clap and make the dog feel important because it has responded well.

Your dog will always respond as you are letting him know you are pleased that he did bark.  The barking dog shows his owner that he is alert, ready to protect his pack, the owner and friends or family.



Training Overview

Gold Training

We have some more strenuous activities we will list here. The Gold Training steps are designed for open field work and allow you to control your dog at up to 100 metre distances.

gold training »


Silver Training

Silver training colour codes move you up a step to train your dog over medium distances, or steps that inculde more than one command per activity.

silver training »


Bronze Training

If you're new to owning a dog, these activities will be right up your street. When you are familiar with the Bronze coloured commands and have completed these training steps, move up a gear and tackle the Silver Training.

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