Silver Wait

Silver Wait

This trick will enable you to walk in the country with your dog off the lead. Remember the country-side code and keep close control of your dog at all times. If your dog is not behaving off the lead, you are legally obliged to keep it on the lead.

To begin with you will need to make sure the dog is going to return to you without hesitation. You must have completed the 'stay' and 'come' Gold Section.

With the 'wait' command your dog will stop and look back at you. You must be able to call loud enough for him to hear you.

Psychology: Your body language will also be a key factor to your dog and your gestures will have to be exaggerated.

Remember all new commands are fun for your dog and he will want to please you. If you make yourself look exciting to the dog he will always try to do better and that will make you do better as well. This time you need to make sure the dog is walking at about five feet in front (1.5m) and you will just say 'wait' from time to time if the dog is walking too fast. This is all you need to do.