Silver Stay

Now you will have accomplished the Bronze Stay.

Your eye contact has to be 100% for this extension to Bronze Stay, as the dog is looking at your hand command.

All you need is to raise your palm to your dog and gesture downwards while shouting 'stay'.

Give the 'stay' command and walk away with your back to your dog.

Turn at 10 yards (10m) and call 'COME'   (Do not whistle)   This is a new command which is different from the whistled 'come'.   If you confuse the dog he will take some time to correct.   (I know as I made the same mistake.)

Your dog will come until you say 'STAY.' Allow the dog to sit on its haunches. Then, call 'COME.' Repeat as often as you wish.

Once you have accomplished this you can use the 'stay and 'come' commands as a game with your dog.

Now try Gold Stay.