Gold Stay

Gold Stay - from Bronze 'Stay'

Take your dog to an open space, practice the 'come' and 'stay' commands learnt in Bronze Stay.

The next step is to use the whistle command. Your own whistle is best but a bought dog whistle can help.

You must be consistent and only use one whistle for one command. You will eventually build a vocabulary of whistles. A dog can hear a specific whistle further away than your voice.

Practice the 'stay' and whistle over about 100 yards if you can. This will probably be sufficient distance for most field work.

You can now practice Gold Stay by using a defined whistle that you want your dog to obey. This whistle will only be used for when you want your dog to come straight to you without hesitation. Never use this whistle for anything else.

My sample is here to listen: Come whistle (audio)