Bronze 'Stay'

First steps:
"Wait," "stay" and "come." - Time to complete  - 5 mins to half an hour.

These commands allow you to take your dog into the countryside.

Take your dog to a safe area – alone in your backyard or an enclosed field. The lead must be at hand in case of difficulty.

The command:

1. Take your dog to a point (a), say "STAY" and the dog will sit. Walk backwards about 5 yards holding your hand up palm towards the dog. If the dog tries to follow, take it back to point (a).

2. Crouch down saying "COME" and be silly. Your dog will run towards you and when it does so, give loads of praise.

3. Give 'Stay' command and the dog will sit. Walk away with back to dog (5 yards) turn and say 'come'.

If your dog tries to come with you it is good, but this is not part of the trick.

Never be harsh or try to 'negotiate'. You may need to take the dog back to point (a). Repeat until the dog finds it comfortable.

You have now learnt 'stay' and 'come'

Psychology: Now you have figured it is not very glamorous, so you are allowed to look as stupid as necessary to keep your dog's attention and he will love you even more. This is a game for your dog.

Continue to leave your dog at 'stay' for longer distances. Remember, the further away the more expressive your "COME" actions need to be to keep his attention.