Psychology 2

Psychology No 2

The first few days after I got Bonnie, I took her to meet her vet. When we were talking, the vet said: “You have a very clever dog, while we talk she is constantly looking at you.”

“As she is a collie, you are going to make sure she is busy all the time as she could become destructive.”
Here is a lesson for all dog owners. YOUR DOG IS VERY CLEVER.

Sometimes dogs are very destructive, but remember, a dog is only happiest when it is tired. It will fall asleep spontaneously and dream about all it's experiences it has had with you that day. (Bonnie yelps, barks and throws her legs about in her sleep) The more time you spend with you dog, the happier it will be and the easier it will be to train him or her.

If you dog tends to be destructive you need to play more together. If you were locked in a house all day and only had ten minutes away from the house per day, what would you do?
Does this sound like prison to you?

Why do it to your dog if it has not even committed a crime?