Through and Back or Weave

Through and Back or Weave

Remember, “in” and “out” are negative commands to a dog, so avoid using them as much as possible.

Bonnie taught me this command when we were out for a walk. There is a car park for sight seers in our town. Around it are bollards. Within the first few days of having Bonnie – she made a bee line to the bollards and weaved through and back between them. I watched her with amazement and saw her enjoying herself.

Psychology: This has been the standard Bonnie has set for herself all the time I have had her. She is always keen to show off her talents.

So, I just said “through” and “back” as she weaved in and out of the bollards and in a few moments Bonnie taught me a new trick.

I had been carrying on this way about two years. I was speaking to a friend and he said, “when the dogs go to the agility shows their owners just say 'weave.' ” I tried this, and now Bonnie went through the bollards perfectly and I only needed to say “weave.”

This shows me that other owners have better ideas than me and I will always listen to advice from them.