Get Up

Get Up

When walking with your dog in the country, whether on a busy road or a quiet road, it is good to practice the “GET UP” command.

The “get up” command tells your dog to jump up onto the verge whenever it hears or sees a car approaching.

When your dog is familiar with the reason for the command, he will practice it with you. Later, you will be glad  you taught him it.

When I am out with Bonnie, we meet quite a few cars. Bonnie always gets up on the verge. Often when walking it is very windy and I don't hear or see cars from behind. When Bonnie gets up onto the verge this is the only time I know there is a car approaching. So knowing what she has to do makes her safe, and even saves my life.

Psychology: As with any command you give your dog there can never be too much praise. And when you praise your dog he feels good and responds to more duties you set before him.